Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Streets: Montmartre Paris

I went back to France last summer, and decided to take photos of people who I thought had an inspiring outfit.

I spotted this girl while waiting for my mom. She was with a couple of friends, and was initially taken aback with my request to photograph herWhen I saw her, I thought her outfit was simple FRESH (no reference to Jersey Shore). . The clash with the pocketed floral skirt and the destroyed converse is just geniusly cute.

My brother was actually the one who spotted her (not for fashion reasons, obviously). When I asked her if I could take a picture of her, she felt very shy so I told her to keep browsing through the postcards, and I will take the pictures. I was so inspired by the eclecticism of her outfit. The ruffles on her sleeves, the cadet-inspired vest, and the pompons on her shoulder bag were just a match-made in heaven. 

 When I first saw her, I thought "that's how you own a LBD!" I personally believe in Minimalist, so the way she paired her LBD with a simple belt, bracelet, and black flats is just Chic!

Simple is always better. Aside from being pretty, the simpleness of her outfit made her stand out of the crowd (considering I was in Montmartre, where you can find zillions of interesting characters). I love how the only detail on her outfit is her  her pair of Spartiate. It is also interesting how it brings the point of focus on an unusual part of her body.

This man! I believe he was a bit drunk when I took a picture of him; but his outfit is just WOW! I don't think I have to say anything about him, because I believe his outfit speaks for itself. Vintage aficionados, better learn from him!

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