Monday, August 29, 2011


So when I went to Japan, I had the opportunity to visit the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya. I also had the chance to experience, first hand, the Japanese fashion rave. Let me tell you, New York hipsters have A LOT to learn about fashion and class, because I personally think that Japanese "hipsters" are UP THERE (next to the French of course), when it comes to be "fashion innovators".
Since I consider my style "chameleon eclectic", I figure my fashion style would not look to outta place in Japan. And I was right! I was like a fish in the water, comfortably fashionable!
So here's a pick at what I would wear on a nice Summer day, when strolling around town.

| Tunic with flower adorned breast pocket (from a local Japanese designer)

| Shorts with lace-embroided under culotte (another local Japanese designer)

| Randa (Japanese brand) ankle high "utility" sandals

| Floral scarf turned into headpiece

| Fossil cargo convertible tote

Sawadee Kha!

As I previously stated, I was in Thailand on an amazing vacation (more like an adventure) with my best friend. We had the chance to visit the mesmerizing Phuket, and hype Bangkok.
Since Thailand is more of an adventure place anyways, dressing up meant being uber-casual and relaxed. In other words, don't try to overdress looking like Paris Hilton in Malibu Beach.
For those of you who would like to know what's an appropriate outfit to wear when going to the beach or just explore, here's what I wore on my first beach day in Phuket (remember Thailand is a contradictingly conservative country).

$UniQlo Fedora straw hat

$American Rag strapless sundress

$Kirra swimsuit

$Havaianas flip flops

$Urban Outfitters combat utility backpack

REMEMBER: Keep it simple and comfortable!

Thank you For Waiting

Ooooh Boy! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I have been away for some time, and I truly apologize for my absence.

To make up for my extended vacancy, here's a brief recap' of what has been happening in my life in the past months:

JULY amazing trip to Japan and Thailand
AUGUST move to a better area of Brooklyn, looking for a post-graduation job

My best friend, Kaori, and I

Well here you have it. I know to some people these could have been accomplished in a matter of weeks/days, but I really wanted to take the time to relax and think about ... ME!

Again I am sorry for my little selfishness, but what can I say, a girl needs some ME-time once in awhile!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

KiD CuDi Williamsburg Waterfront Concert

It happened!!! Thanks to the fabulous Boyfriend, I was finally able to see KiD CuDi in concert. The best part about this concert (aside from the artist) was the fact that I didn't have to go through the hassle of going to Manhattan to see him: the concert was in BROOKLYN!!! On the waterfront of Williamsburg, to be exact.
What a concert! What a performer! Even if you might not be a fan of his repertoire, the ambiance and the performance were worth witnessing. Happy people all around you (marijuana had nothing to do with it), dancing people around you (again booze had nothing to do with it), breath-taking view of Manhattan's skyline with sunset as a bonus; it was the perfect recipe for an amazing night!

Summer Fest Fashion DOs and DONTs

Summer is here, and it is the time for endless music festivals. Though we are far from the glorious times of Woodstock and such, today's fests still resemble that of our ancestors (kidding!) in terms of fashion (the hippier the better...or hispter-er), substance concuption (pot, mollie, you name it), and music (better be good if you wanna sing live)!

I would like to focus on one of the points I just mentioned: FASHION!

I know for most ladies out there who will decide to go have fun with a group of friends, going to a festival requires some fashion synchronization with one another. In another words, you want to dress as good if not better than your friend, without sticking out like a sore thumb. Here are a couple of tips about how/what to wear when venturing a summer festival.


Wear distinct colors from this season's palette! Use bright and shine, because Summer won't last. Plus, as a group, you will compliment each other and make sure to stand out of the crowd in the right way.

Wear flawy light fabrics, and comfy clothes. You want to be comfortable, and not sweat more than you should. Plus, you don't need to sacrifice sophistication; rompers, for example, come in very light fabrics and do bring a certain edge to its simplicity.


Wear the same outfit as your friend. Unless you guys are twins, I do not see any reasons for you to wear the same clothes.

Wear wedges or high heels. I understand not everyone is 7 feet tall and you want to have a good look at your favorite performer; but you know you are bond to fall at some point during the night, and you will be impressing no one.

Wear risky clothes. You might want to bring out your inner Woodstock hippie-ness, but nowadays showing your titties is more raunchy than free-spirited. Again, wear comfy (risk-free) clothes!

Up Up and Away

This outfit was about dressing, not only to impress, but to look casual enough to appear effortless. One word in mind: HIPSTER!
Yes, I know, I have fallen into the "temptation" of looking like a neo-hippie, without a cause; but if you are to attend a rap summer concert in Williamsburg BK (the land of the hipsterish, mind you!), you better know what key items to wear in order not to look outta place (no matter how outta place you would look on any other normal circumstances). In my case, I opted for the most basic/casual hispter attire:

A Native American cropped/over-sized Tee

A AE Medium wash shorts

A  ASOS Military boots

A  RAY-BAN Classic Wayfarer

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bam Ratata Tatata OMG!

You hear this? This is the powerful, bass fueled sound of 2NE1's comeback!

Yes, my girls are back; and their video clearly defines their intention to take over the charts by force! Their music resembles that of a follow-up of their previous album "To Anyone"; with strong bass, electro beats, and powerful lyrics to empower people around the world to be (in the case of 2NE1 to re-affirm) the BEST!

As always, CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom do no disappoint us. Aditionally, the girls' punk/rock chic fashion (complementary of renown designers Balmain and Louboutin, to name a few) is a perfect transition from rookie futurist to hardcore veterans! Congrats 2NE1! Fighting!!!