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What is your specialty as a stylist? fashion, salon, image, objects...?
I specialize in Fashion publishing; anything related to styling shoots, writing articles, creating layouts, etc.
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something of your work or of where you work.
In what style or trend do you classify yourself?
I am very eclectic in my style; I love to try new styles, as long as it matches my personality, and I feel comfortable in my clothes.
What are your clients like?
Anyone and everyone. I am not picky, and always willing to help whoever needs my help in Fashion.
How did you begin to develop your talent? Have you possesed it since you were a child?
I have always been fascinated by art, and have possessed a keen eye for fashion. I would always advice whoever I was with about outfits, and my advices always seemed to please people. I have also had an ease to comprehend what designers meant when creating a new collection, or the message behind an editorial.
What importance has professional training had on your career?
Professional training has helped me understand how I could apply my skills in a work environment, and how to develop them in order to better myself as a professional.
When did you first realize you could make a living this way?
I am still unsure whether or not I want to make a primary living out of fashion. It is a passion to me, and I do not want to lose myself in the work environment. If what I love becomes a "job" rather than an "enjoyment", than I will move to another art field.
What people or experiences have taught you the most and helped you to arrive where you are?
My internships, and my work as a creative director have taught me the most, and shown me my true potential.
What is your concept of beauty? Why does it change so much from one culture to another, or from one era to another?
Beauty, to me, is about feeling good about yourself, and how people perceive it. No matter the culture, beauty is always about the way you carry yourself, rather than your body features. However, society's definition of beauty is about your social standing. For example, if nowadays skinny girls are called beautiful while plumpier ones were the pretty ones centuries ago; it was because the rich ones were that way.
Do you need to love what you do, or does professionalism suffice?
I need to love what I am doing; otherwise I would be miserable, regardless the size of my paycheck.
What do you do when a client requests something that you believe is not suitable for him/her?
I try to understand why they think that way. If I seriously think they are making a big mistake, then I will advise them about a different alternative which will be a good compromise between us.
Besides advising clients, do you also educate them?
I try to be an interpreter of fashion, rather than an educator. I explain to them how fashion can fit-in with their lifestyle/personality, rather than impose them fashion.
Isn't there a cult of vanity in premeditated publicity and fashion poses?
One must be oblivious to today's culture if he/she cannot see that. Everything in the fashion industry is premeditated. For example, while people find out about a designer's new collection, the designer is already preparing a new collection up to three years in advance. Same goes with magazines, but on a smaller scale. People have to remember than those working in the fashion industry are there to sell the customer an idea, and the cult of Vanity is their biggest tool.
Your definition of "glamour"?
Glamour has the word "amour" in it, which means "love" in French. To me, being glamorous is about have the ability to show love and class as the same time. Flaunting your bling has nothing to do with it. It's about an attitude, a swag; and clothes are only there to help you, not to define you as being glamorous.
Please name three well-known personalities whose look you admire, and three who need to urgently change their image.
-Coco Chanel, I believe, was the classiest woman to ever walk this Earth. Her style is classy, and timeless. She is a reference to looking effortlessly chic.
-Marion Cotillard embodies the Parisian look with such ease and grace; one can only admire her.
-Helena Bohem Carter is quite an intricate master-piece. I do not specially like her style, but I admire her for wearing whatever she feels true and comfortable to herself.

Most pop starlets nowadays seriously need to change their image. I won't name people, but these girls just don't know how to dress, and lack personality in their style. I think it is almost pathetic to see that magazines call such and such "a fashion icon" for the sole fact that these girls have worn some designer piece and shown too much skin. With millions of dollars in their bank account, you would think they would use their stylist wisely; I guess not. I am seriously not impressed.
Being surrounded by a different style can cause a person to feel different. Can such a feeling transform a person?
Humans are pack-animals, so anyone with a different style/attitude/culture will always feel different from the rest of the group. However, it is up to the person to either embrace his/her differences, or adapt.
What trends do you see gaining momentum?
Every trends recycle themselves over the years. I don't think we will see any "new" trends happening for awhile due to outside factors (such as economy) which have impacted the way we shop. However, Minimalism is the way to go. If anything, going back to wearing basics and recycling your wardrobe are the new trends to gain momentum.
Make a prediction: how long will the fashion of piercing and tattoos last?
Piercings and tattoos have been around for centuries. What started as a cultural trend quickly landed in the runways and completely integrated today's pop culture. I believe piercings and tattoos will always be in fashion.
What magazines or websites do you follow to keep up to date? What other types of cultural inputs serve as sources of inspiration for you?
I always go on to keep updated with designers. I also enjoy reading foreign fashion magazines from France, Japan, Britain and Brazil to get inspired. I am always checking to get the latest news about K-pop artists, who I believe, are fashion innovators. Finally, I try to read "non-corporate" magazines such as Nylon, Interview, Vice, etc.
I would like to be more discerning when I buy clothes or furniture. What do you recommend I do to acquire this ability?
By observant to your surroundings, then picture yourself/furniture in that environment. If you feel some sort of comfort, balance, and ease about your choice, then you are in the right path.

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