Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Streets: Astor Place New York

Astor Place is one of my favorite places to be in New York. I love to just watch people in this overly animated street. I always find people whose outfit exhale of confidence, uniqueness, and a certain je-ne-sais quoi.

I saw these two Japanese students, and thought how Japanese are the true experts at Street Fashion. These girls were visiting NYC, and I decided to take their picture.
RIGHT: her globe-trotter look is just effortless. It is a mix of ...anything... a she just makes it work perfectly. She looks more like an art student from Pratt, rather than your typical tourist!
LEFT: the way she wore her LBD is just awesome; from the oversized chain necklace, to her moccasins; it just shows the versatility and uniqueness of Japanese's fashion.

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