About MissNala

Hello! Salut! Que onda! Oi! こんにちは。! Manao ahoana!

AOriginally called Rianala, I go by Nala because most Americans have an incredible difficulty pronouncing my name, who knows why?

Born and raised in France (hello to my fellow Nantais) from my amazing Malagasy parents (from Madagascar ... yes like the movie), I first moved to Mexico at age 13 (shout out to San Luis Potosi), then Michigan when I was 16 (Go Blue!). In June 2009, I decided to move to New York to finish my studies in Fashion Merchandising, and hopefully become an influential figure in the Fashion industry (like many other hopeful, I know). I have an imagination which works non-stop, and gives me headaches. So I write, take pictures, style, doodle, talk ... do anything to express the thoughts running in my less than normal mindY

I am very talkative!!! I am a polyglot ~ French, Spanish, English, and Malagasy - conversational Portuguese - maybe Italian Spiced Rum I watch way too many movies ~ Botero, Monet, Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Fafy, Lichtenstein, Warhole, Lautrec Z.T.H. ~ Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Scott Schuman and Terry Richardson are geniuses I like creating magazine layouts I have a passion for Art, and Fashion is my tool of choice Sushi ~ I collect as many fashion magazines from around the world I can't eat peppers I love video games Everyone I know agrees that I am crazy  I have traveled to every continents of this planet, and and visited about 30 countries My guilty pleasure is food ~ Being 5'5 (1m67), I believe I eat too much, but it's ok I am obsessed with K-Pop  I don't stare, I observe or daydream ~ I am a pro a packing and traveling I can be very stubborn sometimes ~ Maya, Tuna, Rello Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness is my anthem (for the most part) ~ I laugh a lot, in fact I have 5 different laughs ~ Aimer c'est désordre...Alors aimons