Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring...quand tu me prends

Yeah! Spring is in the air! Birdies are out, people are happier, and MissNala feels it's time to showcase her fashion sense. I will stop speaking of myself in the third person right now, and explain why I chose to wear this outfit. Early during the day, I had to wear a very professional business attire; and being how I am, I had to change as soon as I could. Since I didn't want to bring too much clothes with me considering how heavy purse gets, I needed some comfortable that could go well with my tights and blazer. Denim shorts and simple graphic tee would fit the bill...and TADA!!!

¹ Uniqlo blazer
¹ Peace Generation graphic tee
¹ AE denim shorts
¹ Hue tights
¹ Lacoste booties
¹ Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel bag

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