Saturday, June 25, 2011

N.Y. ♥ All

Yes!!! New York got the message! With a vote 33-29, New York becomes the 6th (and largest) state to LEGALIZE same sex marriage!!!
If you check your Facebook or Twitter account right now, you will see the rejoicing of not only a social group which has been unfairly neglected by society for too long, but also generations who have come to witness and celebrate the hopes of a better, fairer future.
Though I am happily straight, I have felt a sense of injustice towards same-sex couples for their inability to get married. In fact, I never understood the ambiguity of the separation of Church-State repressing homosexual couples to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Why is it that the only argument against marriage is always the reference to religion, when the government should not be influenced by religion itself when deciding to the faith of thousands of tax payers? Shouldn't we all be equal under the law (unless you break it)?
Men, women, he, she, doesn't really matter, as long as you pay your taxes! But I guess our dear politicians aren't greedy on that subject.
But for now, let us rejoice to the fact that now ANYONE can get married in the state of New York! Therefore, I invite you all to get married; the more, the merrier!!!

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