Saturday, June 25, 2011


The summer is finally here, which means a couple of things: summer hit songs, hot hot hot, less clothes. When you combine them together, you end up with Rihanna, Beyonce, Wynter Gordon (to name a few) singing about their sexual preferences as if they were selling candy. Raunchy! Raunchy! Raunchy! Calling the Sex Revolution 2.0!!!
Call me frigid or old school, but I still believe what makes a woman sexy, powerful and desirable is her ability to create mystery. You know, the "I'm a delicate flower, but I will actually ride you like a cowboy behind closed doors" type of girl. Oh yeah, the teasing baby!
Well it seems in the music industry that this summer's trend is all about selling sex as a way to empower women. Make love, not war.
Personally, my favorite song has to be Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk". It's sexy, spicy and sweet. It is a bit less vulgar compared to Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" (though I think it's a nice "sex" song). Not surprisingly, these songs sound quite alike, and lack a certain depth in the meaning of their lyrics (insert joke here).
I live it to all of you to decide whether these songs are TMI, or actually pretty cool; because I am sure we can all agree that they ALL are uber commercial!

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