Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adidas Originals X 2NE1

We all know Adidas loves to collaborate with hip designers such as Jeremy Scott, Yohji Yamamoto, or Stella McCartney to create exclusive lines which combine both casual wear, and avant-guard-wear with outta nowhere-wear. These lines have been a huge success in the sportswear industry, and has given Adidas the rejuvenating breath of fresh air it needed.
Recently, through its other line Adidas Original, Adidas has spread its wings globally in order to establish itself as a go-to brand amongst the young and restless. We are talking collaborating with David Beckham to get the U.K. market (and the European market ... sort of ... we love soccer in the E.U. but Beckham is definitely not a favorite though). In the U.S., Snoop Dogg helped launch the Star Wars limited-edition line; Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B., Chromeo, etc have made several appearances to promote the Adidas MEGA events; bref, you can picture the rest. But what about Asia? 

Image courtesy of Adidas Original

Well, Adidas just launched its highly-anticipated campaign "We are Originals", and guess who's endorsing it? ... 2NE1!!!! The YG ladies are the new and fresh Adidas face for the Asian, and hopefully U.S. market ... scratch that...the new GLOBAL market!
It doesn't come as a surprise at all that the girls have been chosen to represent Adidas Original, considering their affiliation with designer Jeremy Scott!
In a business prospective, it was a very smart move for Adidas to have chosen 2NE1 as their new face. Adidas showed that they understood the power of K-Pop amongst the Y-Gen/iGen market; and also the fact that 2NE1 is one of the only female group to actually show individual personality, supports the "WE ARE ORIGINALS" concept! 
Good job Adidas, and 2NE1 fighting!!!

Bom & CL
Image Courtesy of Adidas Original

Minzy & Dara
Image Courtesy of Adidas Original

Hurry up and check out the promotional video, and the Adidas Original website to get a look at the awesome clothes Adidas Original has in store for you!

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