Saturday, April 9, 2011

2NE1 Crossover

By now you must know that I am completely obsessed with K-Pop music, especially YG Family members: 2NE1 & BigBang!
2NE1's newest album, "To Anyone", came out a couple of months ago and dominates the Asian charts; even made it in the Billboard Charts! Oh Yeah! Their first full-length album was such a colorful blast of pop, R'n'B, hip-hop, and electro; that you couldn't do anything but re-play the songs over and over again to the point where you could think you understood the Korean lyrics. Interestingly enough, some of the tracks were English versions of their most popular songs, including Can't Nobody; and surprisingly, 2NE1's English was up to par (no weird wording or R/L sound ambiguity).
This week, 2NE1 released the MV of Can't Nobody's English version, and let me just say "WOW". Similar to the original MV, this one obviously tries to reach to a more Western public, maybe hinting to a crossover to the U.S. Considering 2NE1 has already collaborated with Will.I.Am, it would not come as a surprise if the YG girls make it the U.S. soon. Persoally, and without any biased thoughts, I believe 2NE1 could seriously establish themselves in the U.S. Judge for yourself by watching the MV, and let me know what you think!

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