Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the Streets: Conde Nast Building, NY

Meet Blake.
He currently works as a stylist at Conde Nast (guess which magazine?).
But what is really important about him (in fashion terms obviously), is his Neo-New Look look.
I am quasi infatuated with the way he gives such a intricate twist to such minimalist look. He knows how to combine yesterday's classics to today's trends. From the perfectly tailored jackets, to the skinny black jeans; every details counts to make this outfit work. It is never repetitive, yet it is a signature outfit. I especially like how everyday brings a different details to his look: fedora hat and loafers one day; vest, bow-tie, and shinny moccasins another day. If that wasn't enough to make these outfits stand out, Blake always manages to combine different texture, to bring his attire to life!

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