Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Streets: Stockholm, Sweden

Last summer I had the chance to go to Sweden, so I decided to do some Street Fashion photography. I must say, I felt as if I were in Model Land. Swedish people are unfairly blessed with good looks: perfect tan, hair, muscle, etc.
In the land which saw the birth of famous brands ACNE and H&M, I had some expectations to what Swedish fashion would look like. Swedish women do not have a specific classification when it comes to fashion standards. Stockholm is an epicenter of clashing styles. You can literally find any styles in this city, but unlike in NYC, the Swedish exhume a sense of clean cut to their outfits. Needless to say, I was quite taken aback by how men dress.

I thought this girl had an interesting style. She definitely took the bourgeois look to a different level by combining the satchel-foulard-navy blue clean look with oversized sarouelle pants.

What amused me about this photo is the length of the shorts: they are the same. Little did I know, Swedish men are very fond of "short" shorts.

I also noticed what could be a typical Swedish male attire: marcel or skin-tight shirt, shorty shorts, and converse.
Don't forget to show the right amount of tone muscles, and groomed hair...and Voila!

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